graublaues Gewebe mit Delfinen
© John Martono, Foto: Joachim Blank

Contemporary Textile Art from Indonesia

The exhibition gives insights into the diversity of contemporary textile design in Indonesia. Traditional craftsmanship, such as batik or weaving, meets modern artistic forms of expressions, among them are image weaving, material object art, stitching on silk painting, batik installations and batik collages. Students of the master class of the Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in West Java present studies on art wear and surface design in batik technique. The Berlin based textile artist and curator of the exhibition, Joachim Blank, selected 30 artworks by seven internationally renowned Indonesian artists. Reflecting on their cultural roots, works by Agus Ismoyo, Kahfiati Khadar, Ardiyanto Pranata, John Martono and Lintu Tulistyantoro give a summary of the wide range of modern Indonesian textile art.

  • DATES 06/07/2013—31/08/2013
  • Opening Hours currently closed


An installation by Heri Dono (born 1960 in Jakarta/ West Java), who is one of the most prominent and most innovative Indonesian artist, enriches the show. In his works Dono unites traditional scroll paintings, reverse glass painting or the characters of traditional Javanese shadow theater “wayang” with the esthetic of modern mass media, film or comic. He primarily works with installation, video art, performance and painting.

mechanische Engel
© Heri Dono, Foto: Heri Dono
Heri Dono, Flying Bidadari/Flying Angels, 2011 5-teilige Installation; multimedia, Pappmaché, Pappe, Acryl, mechanische und elektronische Bauteile, Zeitschaltuhr

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