Immaterial Restitution of Historical Photographs

© Urresty, Julian Bastidas. PASTO 1940: fotografía de Horst Martin. Colombia, Visíon Creativa, Januar 2020.

Immaterial Restitution of Historical Photographs

In 2019, historians in Ecuador and Columbia have made inquiries towards the SES regarding photographs taken by Horst Martin. Martin taught in South America in the early 20th century, and during his travels, documented day-to-day life in cities, villages, and country roads. Examples include Orte Pasto and Capitanejo in Columbia. Conmprising roughly 17,000 photos, his collection is now taken care of by the SKD. Since these photographs are likely to be some of the first historical images of the South American communities Martin visited, they are valuable for local and regional histories. This material has been able to serve in over five databank projects between South American historical societies and the SES.

We understand this kind of cooperative work as immaterial restitution: the SES collections should contribute to local communities preservation, revival, and reinterpretation of histories and cultural traditions.

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