Repatriation to the Gunaikurnai, Menang, and Ngarrindjeri

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Von links nach rechts: Amanda Morley (Stellvertretende Direktorin des Australian Department of Communications and the Arts zu Indigenous Repatriation), Meghan Krakouer (Direktorin des National Suicide Prevention & Trauma Recovery Projects aus Australien), Stewart Hansen, Leontine Meijer van Mensch (Direktorin der SES), Lynette Woods (Australische Botschafterin in Deutschland) und Major Sumner.

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Delegations from Gunaikurnai, Menang, and Ngarrindjeri communities in Australia traveled to Leipzig to bring their ancestors back home. 45 ancestral remains and hair samples had been uncovered by SES researchers, who performed archival analyses to determine how they entered the SES Collections. Australian representatives from each community as well as representatives from the government took part in the Leipzig ceremony.

From left to right: Amanda Morley (assistant director of Indigenous repatriation of the Australian Department of Communications and the Arts), David Doble (Australian Government Department for Communications and the Arts), Meghan Krakouer (Director of the National Suicide Prevention & Trauma Recovery project, Australia), Stewart Hansen, Léontine Meijer-van-Mensch (Director SES), Lynette Woods (Australian Ambassador in Germany), and Major Sumner.

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