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Noelle M.K.Y. Kahanu, specialist of Public Humanities and Native Hawaiian Programs at the Department of American Studies at the University of Hawai'i makes a speech during the first repatriation from Saxony to Hawai'i in October 2017. Visitors can view parts of her speech and other voices in the film "We are talking about human beings" by Clara Wieck, shown in the exhibition.

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The "Workshop PROLOG" now contains stories of previous repatriations.

The historical context of colonisation brings the remains, whether stolen, traded, donated, or bought, of Hawai'ian and Australian ancestors to Saxony. Via research and ceremony, their descendants bring them home. Michael Jalaru Torres accompanies this historic moment for the Karajarri in his artworks and film documentations. The SES would like to extend its gratitude to Yawuru Buru Ltd. for exhibition cooperation and translations into Yawuru, Hawai'ian, and Maori.


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