Current projects

Decolonisation projects comprise a vast network of museum activities. Restitution and repatriation projects can last many years and reach over several countries. Projects span from provenance research on SES (State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony) collections to data collection and presentation for internal and external databanks. The results are presented in exhibitions and discussed in formats such as the GRASSI Talks.

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Overview of current projects


An exhibition on restitution and repatriation is currently being developed within our "Workshop PROLOG".

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Upcoming Repatriations

GRASSI Museum is engaged in ongoing provenance research projects on its collections. The pandemic has changed these processes, too. Learn more on the next page.

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Labrador Avertok Archaeology

This project is a cooperation between inuit from Nunatsiavut and researchers from both SES and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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