Woman to Go

Das Persönliche und Unpersönliche in Repräsentation und Präsentation

The special exhibition Woman to GoPresentation and Representation of the Personal and Impersonal – will be shown in the gallery room of the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig starting on May 17, 2019. With the artistic project Woman to Go, Mathilde ter Heijne has been developing a steadily expanding archive since 2005. Consisting of postcards, portraits of unknown women are linked with biographies of women or people born as women. These people, whose biographies have been forgotten, lived in a time when women had neither the right to vote nor the right to property.

  • Laufzeit 17.05.2019—11.08.2019

[Translate to English:] Die weiblichen Biografien

For the exhibition at the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig, ter Heijne combines portraits from various archives worldwide. The photographs were taken between 1839 - the beginning of photography with daguerreotypes - and 1930. Photographs from the collections of the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology Leipzig and the Dresden Museum of Ethnology are also part of the installation here on display. The artistic project Woman to Go is further developed in the exhibition space by the video work Assembling Past and Future.


[Translate to English:] weitere

In the video work, historical portrait photographs and video recordings from the present are superimposed. This combination makes it possible to transcend place and time, thus bringing together different personal experiences and stories in the here and now. The narrators in the video recordings are united by the desire and willingness to transform society through non-violent engagement for equal rights, for the interests of civil society and unconditional peace. They are actively involved in processes of social awareness and change and thus oppose discrimination and categorization within society.

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