Oil lamp in shape of God Bird Garuda
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Fantastic Animals

Welcome to the world of fantastic beasts, legendary creatures, and odd animals! You may know them from age-old myths, powerful religions, saga and fairy stories, films and computer games. Some of them have now gathered here in the museum, asking us to listen to the stories they tell us.

  • DATES 01/10/2020—09/05/2021
  • Admission Fees normal 8 €, reduced 6 €, under 17 free, groups (10 persons and more) 7 €
  • Opening Hours currently closed
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[Translate to English:] Tierwelten

In the exhibition “Fantastische Tierwesen” the museum of ethnography presents objects from its collections and interweaves them with elements from tales of old, as well as mythology and pop culture. You are invited to a conversation between museum objects and figures from a mythical, real or digital world. This exhibition, specifically designed for families, hosts dragons, rainbow snakes, lions, and unicorns, that jointly carry you away into a universe elsewhere, that will fascinate both young and old.

© Hendrik Rossbander
Fantastic Beasts

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How are Pokémon linked to the yellow river? And what connects a fursuit and the Mongolian Cham dance? These and many further questions will be answered in the exhibition, simultaneously showing the interconnections of contemporary phenomena and mythical imagining of animals, ghosts and fantastic creatures.

A group of child curators has commented on the selection of exhibited objects, and set some creative impulses to eventually make the “Fantastic Beasts” an exciting experience for all.

© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Chinese paper dragon

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The exhibition will be complemented by a diverse programme, that has been realised in collaboration with Verein für vergleichende Mythologie e.V., the reading buddies from LeseLust e.V., Leipzig game preserve, and Leipzig Furrystammtisch.

© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Grüffelo, Filmstill Arvid Wünsch

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... some of these objects will be shown in the exhibition.

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Due to the pandemic a digital exhibition has been developed, featuring online material and short films. You are invited to click in, though it is only available in German. Have fun!


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