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REINVENTING GRASSI.SKD: In the coming years we will renew our entire permanent exhibit and more. This is made possible through the programme "Initiative für ethnologische Sammlungen" whose sponsorship we received. That is also the reason why our museum is currently closed and will only reopen in parts on December 2nd with a new presentation. Our events still take place in an accustomed form. On our website and on the social media channels we inform about current offers as well as the progress of our reconstruction.

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Benin Dialogue Group

Statement of the 8th Benin Dialogue Group Meeting on  6—7 March 2023 at MARKK Hamburg

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Decolonisation, restitution, and repatriation

New Platform on Decolonisation, Restitution, and Repatriation

The SES publish new platform on decolonisation and wish to encourage dialogue and discussions.

© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Miriam Hamburger

Historic Inventories online

The State Ethnographic Collections Saxony present a new online platform where historic documentation of the ethnological museums is now publicly accessible.

© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Juliane Heinze

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Multimedia tours

Experience artworks online with our multimedia tours. Get insights and background information on specific artworks before, during and after your visit to the museum.

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by Anja Nitz

DEPOT - Die Kultur des institutionellen Sammelns

In this recent photography project Berlin artist Anja Nitz deals with the cultural frames for institutionally motivated collecting. Her perspective makes the boundaries between collections, objects, and daily work routines in depots blur to some extent.

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Buchvorstellung Fotoband "Depot" von Anja Nitz (*1971)

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