Our program provides insights behind the object stories, fosters cross-thematic discourses, and creates access to the multidimensional learning site of the ethnological museum. The focus is on thematic complexes of political and transcultural education in combination with art education. Sustainability and inclusion are also overriding learning goals that flow into our concepts. We want to create impulses that support participation in a heterogeneous and globally networked world full of influences. We invite you to explore museum topics with us, both analog and digital. Choose from our wide range of educational and event programs to find the one that suits you best. We are also happy to receive suggestions and individual requests.

Young Museum - The future starts with you!

From 2022, we will open an exhibition trail called the Young Museum. Its motto is: Decolonize the future and it is addressed to you! Because you should decide what the future should look like. Come along! Join in! Join in! Even if you are over 16... ;)

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