Creating a dynamic between the cities

What connects Kinshasa and Leipzig? What are the mutual perceptions? Through the project Lipzkin existing connections between Kinshasa and Leipzig will be made visible and a new dialogue will be initiated. In preparation for the exhibition "Megalopolis #1 – Stimmen aus Kinshasa", which runs from December 1st, 2018 to March 31, 2019, people from Kinshasa and Leipzig are invited to work together. The Echo-Room in the GRASSI Museum for Ethnology in Leipzig will enable a creative exchange while reducing exoticism, prejudice and distance on both sides. The Echo-Room serves as an open space for artists, students, researchers and those who want to help bring Kinshasa and Leipzig closer together. Joint art projects, co-operations, research or reflections on history, politics and economy can be developed and contribute to a lively exhibition. The Echo-Room can be used for installations, workshops or film screenings and offers an ideal opportunity to realize visions and bring a piece of Kinshasa to Leipzig.
If you are interested in the Congolese megacity Kinshasa and would like to participate in the project Lipzkin send an e-mail to:

KICK-OFF Kinshasa

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The Congolese artist Serge Diakota was invited to Leipzig for an artist residency to build the installation “Satellite to Kinshasa”. Unfortunately, the artist couldn’t travel to Leipzig because his visa application got rejected. The curators of the exhibition Eddy Ekete and Freddy Tsimba decided to work on the absence of the artist, making him present through installations and videos which can be seen in the Lipzkin Echo-Room.

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