Museum on the Couch #4

Collaboratively students from a divegrse range of disciplines such as anthropology, theatre studies or area studies, use this project to express their thoughts and views on current problems ethnographic museums face both theoretically and practically.

  • DATES 23/06/2018—09/09/2018
  • Opening Hours currently closed

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Installation Reisebüro
Installation: Reisebüro "Dream Travels", Foto: Kevin Bress

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We invite participants to experiment in discovering and co-shaping the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig. They are given the opportunity to present to the public their own ideas and solutions or statements in various formats, such as experimental displays, installations, interventions, performances. They are united by their searching for new ideas.

The seminar will finally be concluded in an exhibition organised by the students. This year's exhibition is our 4th years to contribute to this projects which first started in cooperation with the Institut für Ethnologie at Leipzig University in autumn 2015. By themselves or in groups over 70 students have created over 30 interventions or performances.

Traumzeitzeichnung auf dem Boden
Installation: Properties of Sacred Art, Foto: Kevin Bress

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Raum aus Japanpapier
Museum on the Couch 4, Installation "Kokon", Foto: Kevin Bress
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