Sieben Hände, die ein Tuch greifen und leicht daran ziehen

Museum on the Couch

For the third time, the Institute for Ethnology of the University of Leipzig, together with the Leipziger Völkerkundemuseum, will hold a museum project in the summer semester 2017. "Museum on the Couch" offers students an interactive place where they are given the opportunity to discuss both theoretical and practical issues with contemporary questions that are currently being discussed by ethnologic museums around the world.

  • DATES 24/06/2017—15/10/2017

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Exhibition list

Further Exhibitions
01.07.2017 —05.11.2017

Textile design

im Schloss Pillnitz

aufgeschlagenes Buch neben einem Hammer
30.06.2017 —25.09.2017
eingerissenes Papier
07.05.2017 —02.04.2018

Little Muck and Caliph Stork

im Josef-Hegenbarth-Archive

Reiter mit Schwert galoppiert auf Karawane zu
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