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In this new area of the museum visitors will have the opportunity to take a look behind the curtain. Here the museum displays its primary fields of work on a long-time basis. First of all the area is destined to materialistically preserve objects. Visitors will be able to watch conservators and depot colleagues performing the preventive conservation of objects, which will be reshown in the future program. There will be joint a second central workspace of the museum, dedicated to the collaboration with source communities. This part of museal work will be given a constant space in the exhibition rooms - a space for dialogue, encounter and debate. Included in ths is ostensibly the repatriation room, with its own little backstage area, which will be, out of respect and the necessity for quiet, accessible for representatives of source communities only.

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As a retreat inside the centre of the museum, because that’s where the museum places this collaboration – in the centre of its doings. In the new backstage area the museum is creating space for explorative curating. There, scientists, artists and other agents will be discussing different ways of interacting with objects and will be reflecting critically on established orders in the museum. This way discourse can be put in motion. As the first artist in residence the museum could allure Anna Szöke. Together with Franka Schneider from the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin and the related team, they will investigate and reconsider the structure of the hitherto existing collections categorization.


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