Anja Nitz | Ansicht/Aussicht (Weule) | 2021

Anja Nitz is a free artist and photographer, residing and working in Berlin. In her work she interacts with institutions of higher relevance for society and offers insights into spaces often inaccessible for the public.

Commenting her work in the depots of the State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony: "In dealing with the collection depots I am looking for the implicit, imaginary and visual narratives and images that tell me about how the self consciousness of our collecting cultures has changed and developed over time. The depot, as the 'ventricle of the museum' frankly, holds honest and impressive answers to questions on defining and handling the so-called "Other". In this context it is now a witness to domination, theft, and exploitation on the one hand, and conservation, responsibility and adoration on the other: in a way that no other place can show nearly as accurately."


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