Bild von Emily Kame Knwarreye vor Keramik von Lotte Reimers
© E. Bähr

Shared Ground - Geteilte Erde. Indigenous Australian Painting and Pottery by Lotte Reimers

The exhibition presents an unusual dialogue between images by indigenous Australian artists from the collection Bähr and pottery by Lotte Reimers (*1932). The direct encounter of paintings and ceramic sculptures offers surprising relations between colour co-ordinations. Glazes for ceramic objects which were made from natural materials are confronted with pigments which were made from earth pigments or from similar materials by the indigenous artists.

  • DATES 11/10/2013—25/05/2014
  • Opening Hours currently closed


The altering view on ceramics and paintings sensitizes the perception for delicate structures and the gentle interplay of colour in the works of Lotte Reimers and in the paintings of the indigenous artists. The discovery of stylistic similarities across continents and cultures opens the view for connecting, but also for unique and special elements.

© E. Bähr
Bild von Emily Kame Knwarreye vor Keramik von Lotte Reimers


White clay, charcoal and naturally yellow and red ochre in different colour shades are the materials from which artists from Warmun create their own colours. Painting with earth pigments and in doing so using material from their own land, indigenous artists reveal the deep bond between their people, their land and their art. They deliberately deploy their art for passing on their culture to their decedents as well as to white society in general.


Lotte Reimers (*1932 in Hamburg) has created a broad oeuvre of ceramic works since 1965. Completely independent from ceramic fashions and trends the artist goes back to the origins of pottery and manually creates vessels from coarse chamotte stoneware clay. In her artworks, Lotte Reimers’ strong connection to nature can be observed in her usage of grown materials as well as in her natural imaginary. Creating from the endless wealth of nature’s shapes and colours determines her doing. Yet, she is aware that she will never keep nature under control. Objects by Lotte Reimers in the show derive from the collection of the GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst and from private collections.

eine zylindrische Vase aus Ton
© Lotte-Reimers-Stiftung, Foto: Ralf Ziegler
Lotte Reimers, Vase, offene Form, 1990 Steinzeug, gebaut; Glasur: schwarzer Ton, Apfelbaumasche; H 19,5 cm, L 19 cm

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