Jaune, Vincente Pimentel
Starting 7 May 2020 the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig is open again regularly from 10 to 18 (except Mondays). Please note that for the time being only the special exhibition "Scenes of life" is on display.

Vicente Pimentel - Dialogue with the Origins

Vicente Pimentel is born 1947 in Santo Domingo. He lives and works for many years in Paris. Paintings, graphic art and sculptures represente contemporary Caribbean Art in the spectrum ranging from Panafricanism and independent Creole Art.

  • DATES 10/06/2011—21/08/2011


They show contemporary trends of cultural exchange and artistic work in transatlantic African diasporas. African traditions, African art and culture play a vital role in the manifold artistic works of Vicente Pimentel.

Fetiche, Vicente Pimentel, 2005

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