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World Collectors

150 Years of Leipzig’s Ethnographical Museum

For its 150th anniversary the Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig explores its own history in an small exhibit. Having been founded initially by Leipzig citizens, it was established in an era of global explorations that aimed at correlating the development of human cultures and their natural environs respectively.

  • DATES 25/11/2019—15/03/2020

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The museum was supportive toward an aggressive politics of collecting during the colonial era that followed, in consequence of which global networks for trading ethnographica and naturalia emerged. The Leipzig ethnographic museum was well involved in these processes. Facing its own colonial history starting to decolonize the collection began already under communist rule (GDR), albeit in a very different political intention. Today its is one of the institution’s major tasks. In the exhibit you can dig into the background and stories of multiple collectors. It is directed at exploring in detail the self-conception of museal anthropology today.

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© Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig
The exhibition, image: Tom Dachs

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