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The restoration team supports the exhibitions and collection’s research by determining materials and production methods. Thereby they help expanding on the knowledge of material culture. More and more often, they collaborate with restorers from the societies of origin. Bringing together different knowledges is important to the preservation of the objects.

Moreover, they provide advice on exhibitions conditions as well as objects' requirements for travel, packaging and installation. These activities constitute all together an extensive preventive programme to preserve the collection for future generations.

From a restoration point of view, ethnographic collections are particularly captivating as the objects comprise a great diversity of materials and are manufactured with a great variety of tools. This material archive gives them the opportunity to trace and understand the objects' technological composition on the basis of authentic materials.

Our current working projects

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Accompanies the exhibition: "Gesichter auf Glas -Frühe Südsee-Fotografien aus dem Museum Godeffroy"

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Accompanies the exhibition: Scherben des Lebens - Die Kultur der chinesischen Porzellanreparatur


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Accompanies the exhibition: "Szenen des Lebes - ein japanischer Paravent und seine Geschichte/n"

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The fourth volume carrying the title "Begegnungen mit den Weltenhütern" ("Meeting world keepers") discusses dealing with religious objects and preserving their former sacral content in museal contexts.

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