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Our restoration team supports our exhibitions and scientific approach to the collection by dealing with material and their fabrication in detail. In this way they add to our aim to expand our knowledge of the objects.

Equally they advise in terms of exhibitions conditions as well as the objects' requirements for travel, packaging and installation. These activities lead to an extensive preventive programme, in order to maintain the collection for future generations.

From a restoration point of view ethnographic collections are particularly captivating since they are not only made up of objects of other cultures but also the tools and materials needed to fabricate them. This archive give us the opportunity to trace and understand the objects' technological composition by help of authentic materials.


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Accompanies the exhibition: "Faces on Glas - Early Pacific-Photography from the Museum Godeffroy"

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Zur Ausstellung "Re-pair & Re-use:Die Porzellanflickerwerkstatt

Further Information

Accompanies the exhibition "Scenes of Life - A Japanese Screen and its (Hi)stories"

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