GRASSI invites #3: Masken!

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While theater performances animate and bring objects to life on stage, museums transform objects into lifeless museum pieces. In the series Grassi invites #3: Masken! the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology invites theater producers to reactivate and re-examine the many masks of the museum. The aim is to create a "world theater of masks." The presentation of masks, the reversal of roles and the immersion into other personalities is a worldwide phenomenon. Masks disguise people and transform them into other beings: spirits, ancestors, gods, mythical figures, animals as well as superheroes or bank robbers. They also offer anonymity and create fear in people. The occasion and use of masks are just as diverse as the characters they represent: as theater and carnival masks, masks that embody ancestors or are worn during initiations, as well as death or protective masks.

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Grassi invites # 3: Masken! brings the masks out the showcases of the permanent exhibition and presents them in a completely new context. The selection is random. Masks from Mozambique, Japan or Canada come face to face with masks derived from artistic and fictional worlds of the 21st century or with retreats that had held dark figures and demons in the Allgäu in check just a few days before the premiere of the presentation.

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In this experimental and sensorial presentation, the visitors choose their own paths with a flashlight and in turn illuminate the phenomenon of masks from different perspectives. During the three-month presentation, puppeteers and theater artists will also be illuminating the masks in different ways. The puppeteer Michael Vogel from Westflügel Leipzig, for example, blurs the boundaries between the viewers and the masks. On the other hand, Alexej Vancl from the Figuro Theater uses a performative approach for bringing the masks to life.

Step by step, from the premiere on 15 December 2016, Grassi invites # 3 transforms itself into a stage on which a lively world of theater masks emerges through performance, theater and dance.


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Works by

Michael Vogel – Figurentheater / Westflügel Leipzig | Alexej Vancl – Figuro Theater | Jalal Maghout | Wilhelm Frederking


Cooperating Artists



Nanette J. Snoep

curators & coordinators

Kevin Breß / Lydia Hauth

artistic assistance

Karoline Schneider

exposition design

Benno Griesel / Karsten Pfau


Carola Grundmann / Uwe Grunwald / Angelica Hoffmeister-zur Nedden / Vanessa Kaspar / Aline Meyer

public relations

Ute Uhlemann

education & mediation

Susanne Rabe / Miriam Schultze / Aleš Vancl / Sophia Wagemann / Marina Wehrmann

events & organisation

Christine Fischer / Lydia Hauth / Miriam Schultze


Kevin Breß / Dietmar Grundmann / Lydia Hauth / Birgit Scheps-Bretschneider / Miriam Schultze


Jakob Gruhl / Benjamin Uhl


Florian Göthner

grafics, texts & photos in the exposition

Kevin Breß / Karoline Schneider / Diana Tillmann

Karoline Schneider

social media

Justus Zürch


Julian Bendel, Oscar Burger


Grassi invites #3: Masken! includes works by

Michael Vogel / Benedikt Vogel / Janne Weirup

Alexej Vancl

Jalal Maghout

Wilhelm Frederking


kindly supported by

Westflügel Leipzig

Klausen- und Bärbeleverein Immenstadt e.V.

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