Starting 7 May 2020 the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig is open again regularly from 10 to 18 (except Mondays). Please note that for the time being only the special exhibition "Scenes of life" is on display.

GRASSI invites #2 : dazwischen / in / between

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Being in between: experience life between here and there, between places, between different systems of values and norms, between languages and times... In between means leaving and staying, travelling and fleeing, setting forth and saying goodbye, arriving and starting over again. How does it feel to be in such a place?


Together with various actors and artists, the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology has created a kaleidoscope of experiences and associations. Through video installations, performances, music, photography, memorabilia, poetry and intimate personal accounts, visitors get a glimpse into the personal and complex state of being in between.

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Leila Alaoui | Mohammad Aslam | Antje Baecker | Özge Boya | Yu Filipiak | Ghazel | Christoph Goldmann & Matthias Kapohl | Familie Habibi | Manaf Halbouni | Omid Hamidi | Taba Keutcha | Kollektiv Handzeichen | Myriam Mihindou | Hadi Mohammadi | Malik Nejmi | Ronya Othmann | Eva Paulitsch & Uta Weyrich | Mathieu Pernot | Jinan Rashid | Nawaz Shahid | Karoline Schneider | Katrin Ströbel & Mohammed Laouli | Tamara Stoll | Clara Wieck | Mo Zaboli

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Verschiedene Objekte in einer Vitrine
28.04.2017 —05.11.2017

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im Schloss Pillnitz

Keramiken auf Sockeln und Tischen
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