(un)normal - field research: views from windows/material mix

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What do we learn about tattoos and piercings when we look at the world from the window of a retirement home? What do we learn about tattoos and piercings by looking out of the window of a youth penitentiary?

In three senior citizens' homes, we held discussions with groups and individual about personal experiences on the subject.

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The participants of a workshop in a youth penitentiary become authors and are the creators of their own thematic zine (self-published magazine).

Behind every window are other life situations in which one's normalities, scopes of action, and dissociation are prevalent. We enter in to look beyond. What we gain from it is an unimpeded perspective.

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Concept and realization - material mix *

* material mix is n interdisciplinary collective for ethnographic field research and artistic production

Commissioned by the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig


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